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What is iSandBOX?

iSandBOX was founded in 2013 with the revolutionary and exciting Interactive Sandbox – we took a normal sandbox and combined it with amazing Augmented Reality technology to create an out of this world teaching aide, providing interactive and sensory fun!

iSandBOX quickly cemented itself as a highly rated creator and supplier of its popular iSandboxes, across a wide range of clients and industries. We couldn’t stop there though – iSandBOX now supplies a range of AR and interactive products that pair perfectly with our incredibly fun iSandboxes, to create immersive and interactive solutions for you.

iSandBOX delivers a whole new experience guaranteed to push the boundaries of creativity and fun. iSandBOX provides exciting, new learning tools that can open a world of possibilities where audiences can develop their knowledge and senses through music, texture and sound in a highly entertaining way.


iSandBOX Models

iSandBOX Standard

Our largest model is the iSandBOX Standard, a ready-to-use piece of equipment ideal for larger groups of children. The ideal option to fit in large display rooms, the perfect tool for schools, science centres, museums, and attraction shows. Fully operational by Android tablet.
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iSandBOX Lite

The most budget friendly and flexible option, the iSandBOX Lite fits perfectly into small or large rooms. The size of the sandbox reservoir could be adapted as per requirement. Can be fixed to walls or ceilings. Operational via an Android tablet only.
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iSandBOX Mini

Slightly smaller than the Standard, the iSandBOX Mini is ideal for smaller groups of up to 6 children. Optional wheels available for easy manoeuvrability within a room or building, the perfect tool for nurseries and preschools. Fully operational by Android tablet.
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iSandBOX Adjustable

Developed specifically for wheelchair users and people with additional needs, the iSandBOX Adjustable features safe padding and a function that enables the sandbox to be raised or lowered to your needs.
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iSandBOX Small

A compact, all-in-one unit, the iSandBOX Small model is easily portable, with quick and simple set up. Ideal for small rooms, limited spaces, small exhibitions and 1-day events, this is perfect for 3-4 children to play simultaneously. Operational via an Android tablet only.
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Our Other Products

Lü provide immersive and stimulating learning environments through giant interactive projections, with sound and light effects. Featuring an extensive portfolio of 40+ engaging educational activities that will get all participants active, curious and excited about learning!
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Touch Board

iSandBOX provides innovative multi-touch solutions with interactive screens inbuilt to tables and large screens that can be placed on tables, floors or wall-mounted for a more versatile option.
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Touch Table

The Touch Table is the ideal tool to keep groups of children engaged, stimulated, and challenged with digital programs, and promotes inclusive play and exciting learning for kids.
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iSandBOX is Recognised by the Japanese Government

iSandBOX is Recognised by the Japanese Government
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