iSandBOX Lite

The most budget friendly and flexible option, the iSandBOX Lite fits perfectly into small or large rooms. The size of the sandbox reservoir could be adapted as per requirement. Can be fixed to walls or ceilings. Operational via an Android tablet only.

18.5L x 12W x 16.5H inch (body) 63L x 41W x 19H inch (sandbox)
45 lbs (main body) 130 lbs (sandbox)
485 lbs
Projector · Depth sensor control display · PC · Tablet

Our most budget friendly and flexible option is the iSandBOX Lite model, incredibly compact and versatile where it can be fixed to a ceiling or wall and projected onto your own sandbox. The size of the projection area is dependent on the height of your iSandBOX Lite installation and is easily adaptable. The Lite is well suited to central room installations as this is a standalone unit with no side-arms seen on our other models – this allows for unrestricted access from all sides.

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