iSandBOX Mini

Slightly smaller than the Standard, the iSandBOX Mini is ideal for smaller groups of up to 6 children. Optional wheels available for easy manoeuvrability within a room or building, the perfect tool for nurseries and preschools. Fully operational by Android tablet.

45.5L x 37W x 84.5H inch
200 lbs
330 lbs
Projector · Depth sensor control display · PC · Tablet · Audio speakers

The iSandBOX Mini is a slightly smaller version of the Standard, ideal for use in smaller groups of up to 6 children for a more hands-on learning experience. The Mini can optionally be fitted with castor wheels which improves its manoeuvrability in a room and can be portable within a building. The iSandBOX Mini can be operated via the screen display on the unit itself or via an Android tablet.

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