iSandBOX Standard

Our largest model is the iSandBOX Standard, a ready-to-use piece of equipment ideal for larger groups of children. The ideal option to fit in large display rooms, the perfect tool for schools, science centers, museums, and attraction shows. Fully operational by Android tablet.

60L x 43W x 92.5H inch
250 lbs
350 lbs
Projector · Depth sensor control display · PC · Tablet · Audio speakers

Our largest and most robust interactive sandbox model is the iSandBOX Standard, ideal for larger groups of 10 or more children for co-op play and teamwork. The perfect fit for schools, science centers, and museums where hands-on fun meets practical group involvement, or as a standout feature for brands at attraction shows. The iSandBOX Standard can be operated via the screen display on the unit itself or via an Android tablet.

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