Touch Board

iSandBOX provides innovative multi-touch solutions with interactive touch screens inbuilt to tables and large screens that can be placed on tables, floors or wall-mounted for a more versatile option. The products are stable and robust, featuring ample surface space that allow several children to interact simultaneously. Our Touch Board features its own software that can be expertly utilised by teachers in an educational setting, with a range of learning programmes.

We have collaborated with Manico Touch, an innovative company that creates multi-touch tablets and screens, to create our entertaining and engaging digital solutions that provide interactive and immersive experiences for our clients. Our collaboration means we now have a wide range of products and software solutions that can be found worldwide in a variety of educational, corporate, and public settings, providing endless possibilities for joyful learning and entertainment. Designed for complete accessibility and collaborative learning, our Touch Board provides the ideal digital solution for teachers and children with its multi-touch screen.

Touch Board

A versatile, multifunctional, multi-touch surfboard in a robust frame, the Touch Board is a large interactive screen that can be placed on the floor, a table, or even mounted to a wall, widening the usage possibilities. The thin screen is set in a sturdy, colored frame which can sustain playful handling from children, adults, and the elderly. Offering endless possibilities for collaborative entertainment and learning, the Touch Board is the perfect way to brighten a room whilst providing digital recreational and educational solutions.

This portable option is ideal for a range of different settings, and has been successfully used in museums, libraries, schools, care homes, gyms, shopping centers, waiting rooms, hospitals, airports, and many more locations. Its versatility means it can be placed on a number of flat surfaces and can be wall-mounted for group sessions.

32" Touch screen
Green · Black · Blue · Red · Yellow · Turquoise
50+ Preinstalled EdUp and PlayEd apps · Downloadable content
Easy mains · Wi-fi connection

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