iSandBOX is Recognised by the Japanese Government

iSandBOX is Recognised by the Japanese Government

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On Friday, August, 23, award winner resources were announced at the 13th Kids Design Award in Japan,  iSandBOX was selected among the winning product entries. Great achievement!

Kids Design Awards ( is a contest implemented by Kids Design Association, which promotes children’s safety, security, healthy growth and development. In iSandBOX nomination judges voted for outstanding product designs, services and research activities that cultivate children’s creativity and sensibility, which contribute to comfortably raising children. The Program is sponsored by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Cabinet Office and Consumer Affairs Agency.

We are grateful to our Japanese partners for achievement.  Digital Garden Inc. with Mr. Daisuke Fujihara as the Product Manager represent iSandBOX in Japan. Thanks to efforts and great support of our partner, iSandBOX became one of the winners of the yearly Kids Design Award. We are really proud of our product and success it gets around the World.

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